YouTube Bot for Discord

The set up for that discord bot is pretty simple. Just a couple things you need.

An account on here: (the free account should be fine) and a webhook to the server you want to post in.

Once you’re into the siteclick the “make a zap” button, then search youtube in the app name bar and click on it. Mine is set to New Video – Trigger when a new video is uploaded by a specific YouTube username. If you don’t want private and unlisted videos showing up, login to a different YouTube account when setting up the Trigger.  Hit save and continue and connect the site to YouTube  Save and continue again.

Input the name of the channel (ex: Bluedrake42) into the box. You have to use the URL name, not the other one.. YouTube is a pain like that… Continue and test it (it should link you to your last video if you hit “view your video”).

Now the “tricky part”.  You’ll want to use the search bar and search “webhook” and click on “POST”.

You’ll want to make sure every value is the same, pretty much. Capitals included, or discord will throw a fit.

The url for the avatar, or name to whatever you want. etc