April 28, 2016

About Me

Hi! I’m AlabasterSlim, I’ve been playing magfed paintball since 2011, and making paintball videos for [insert_php]echo round((time()-1334856720)/60/60/24/365,0);[/insert_php] years. I have over 185,000 subscribers on YouTube and have published more than 400 videos for 20 million world-wide views. My channel focuses entirely on gameplay from my perspective and is the largest paintball channel of its kind in the world. I meld the world of video games with Paintball to attract people who have never tried the sport into something brand new for them.

I’ve traveled all over the world in the pursuit of paintball and making videos. To date I’ve played in Canada, USA, France, England and Croatia where I’ve shot at people from the side of a helicopter, and jumped out of a boat into the Adriatic sea.

I also have a large following on Instagram, and Facebook. If you’re interested in getting in touch, please reach out to me from my Contact page.