November 17, 2017

Wrong Number

On May 22, 2016 at 5:47am I got a strange text from a number I didn’t recognize. I’m not usually up this early, but I happened to be making breakfast with Shannon, our two kids and their two cousins on this Saturday morning.

This exchange certainly started the day on the right foot.

I got you lol
You good ?
By the way the number that I said I thought was your was this guy I was talking about earlier named Neto
That was the number, just FYI …
(▮▮▮) ▮▮▮-▮▮▮▮
Toronto, Ontario
Who is this?
The guy who put a smile on your face the past couple hours
and loved seeing it as well, at.

at that**
Sorry to say, but you got the wrong number dude
Shinnelles friend?

If not, don’t worry about it.
Unless Shinnelle’s friend is a 35 year old white dude named Marc.

Sucks man. Hope you just wrote the number down wrong instead of being given a bogus one.

Thanks for not starting the conversations with dick pics though
So you’re butt hurt over a mistake? I’ll gladly lose your number. Don’t have to say it twice lol have a good sleep. :’)
By the way, I wanted to confirm if I had the right number with shin, and I did. No need to lie. ‘savage’.
This made my day though. Thanks.

Way better than dealing with 4 hyper active kids under 9.

I’m dying right now
So am I
You know what …
This is way better than having that broads number lol
Actually. Death would be a welcome release from this domestic hell
I hope you don’t actually mean that lool
Nah I don’t.
K good lol
You’re banging em out quick ey. 4 kids under 9. That’s respectable sir ..
One is mine. One is hers. There others are cousins we’re watching for the weekend.
Have a good day bro. Better luck next time.
Haha thanks dude, have a good day too.